Meet the Team

At Cardiff Women's Aid we are all dedicated to delivering first class services for our clients, service partners and our community

We have a wide portfolio of services and our intention is to ensure everyone affected by domestic violence/abuse has access to the support, advocacy and advice they need in a way that will meet their needs.

At the heart of what we do is our committed and professional staff team.  Whether they work directly with women and children or contribute to running the organisation everyone helps to make a difference.


Strategic Leadership

Chief Executive

Strong strategic leadership coupled with effective and engaged Governance play a huge role in the success of Cardiff Women's Aid.

Keeping one eye on today and planning for the future ensures we are developing the most up to date and evidence based interventions and solutions for everyone.



Operational Leadership

Director of Support Services

Knowing the detail but also seeing the bigger picture and how all our services integrate and coalesce around our service users ensures Cardiff Women's Aid continues to deliver the best services it can every day.


Women's Centre

The Women's Centre is more than a building it is the home of all our services.  It has been the open door that women in Cardiff have used for over forty years.


Children & Young People's team

We have always regarded the needs, the rights and the experience of children and young people affected by domestic violence/abuse as equally important to the adults we work with.  This is why we have a dedicated team of advocates and support workers (Children's IDVA's) just for our younger service users.


Recovery & Aftercare team

When we've helped with the crisis we know that's only a sticking plaster on a much deeper wound.  Recovery starts the moment someone reaches out for help and our services work hard to make that recovery sustainable.

Woman crying on sofa during therapy session while therapist is taking notes

IDSVA crisis team

At the point of crisis our expert and well trained team of specialist domestic and sexual violence advocates is ready to support clients 24/7

The team is multi specialist with lead experts across all areas that directly effect and impact those affected by domestic and sexual violence such as substance misuse or dependency, mental health and PTSD, members of the LGBT community, older women and of course children and young people.


House insurance

Refuge team

Let's be honest no one wants to leave their home and go into crisis/refuge accommodation.  But our refuge team work hard to make the experience as bearable as possible while we work with families to get them back home.


Prevention & Education team

Our commitment to prevention and education has been a key driver for our organisation from its inception.  We are always looking to increase our ability to deliver in this area.

Our prevention work is delivered in many ways in an attempt to reach out as widely as possible.  And prevention of future victimisation is a key element of our work with women using our services.

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