Cardiff is a major metropolitan area and is home to a diverse and vibrant community.  Indeed many different communities.

We have a huge student population.  Our proud history of being major sea port has given us the opportunity to live in a multi cultural City for many generations.

And our Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community is a match for any across the bridge.

But our City also has wide divisions between socio economic groups.  Huge rates of poverty and disadvantage sitting almost alongside an affluent and thriving middle class.

Cardiff Women's Aid has played its part in modernising attitudes in our great City particularly towards relationship violence, sexual violence and how domestic violence/abuse impacts on our children and young people.

We continue to work hard through our various projects to broaden our City's understanding and awareness of domestic and sexual violence/abuse offering training to fellow professionals and soon launching free online training to all our fellow citizens in Cardiff.

Through our SafeAs children and young peoples team we have worked in schools, delivered after school and homework groups on top of our one to one and parenting work delivered directly to the most at risk and in crisis families.

We continue to develop resources and work with communities to meet the specific needs of groups of Cardiff residents.

Cardiff Women's Aid was born, created and developed by locals and that is still true to day.

Our roots run deep in our City and we will continue to serve it as an expert partner until we have achieved our ultimate goal of eliminating the domestic and sexual violence/abuse that destroys the live of far too many of our fellow Cardiff citizens.


We all know that public money for all the things we expect our public services to do is in short supply.

There is a huge amount of pressure on our public sector colleagues that we in the third sector share and understand.

Over subscribed public services including our blue light services and staff stretched to the limit.  So it is critical that any public money whether it is spent through statutory commissioning/contracting, grant making trusts/charities or public donation is spent as wisely as possible.

We have to wring every possible gain for those precious and privileged resources.

That is why here at Cardiff Women's Aid we have place a high premium on ensuring that value for money is at the top of all our service delivery and development.

We have one of the most lean management and back office teams of any charity of the same size.  At times it has been too lean and put enormous pressure on managers to carry out multiple roles.  But that is no different to many of our colleagues in the public sector.

Our unit costs are extremely competitive and just about unbeatable if you want to retain the level of quality and safety for clients that we deliver.

And our front line staff are fully supported, supervised and provided with ground breaking case management and quality process engineered pathways so that we can continue to deliver high quality services our partners are proud to be associated with.

Offering not only reliability and consistency we are a forward focused organisation always looking for innovative solutions both to service delivery and our interventions.

With a management and development team close to the front live the organisation is incredibly flexible in what it can offer partners with no loss of integrity of service.

Cardiff Women's Aid is your expert partner deeply embedded within the communities you want to serve and always on the leading edge of service and staff development.




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