Sometimes it feels as if we still have a huge mountain to climb in terms of social change around the issues of violence against women and even domestic and sexual violence/abuse despite how far we've come.

Our goal is to change the way society thinks about, talks about and responds to domestic and sexual violence against women and the related violence/abuse against children.

Cardiff Women's Aid has always worked in the front line delivering emergency services, supporting women and children in recovery and carrying out as much prevention as possible.

But a critical component of our work is education as this is truly how we eventually stem the flow of victims using our services and also going completely unheard far to often.

We try to achieve this aim by being involved in large scale campaigns, informing our local communities, working in schools, youth groups and through the delivery of direct training to fellow professionals.

As experts with a deep understanding of the causes of domestic and sexual violence/abuse we are well placed to deliver education and prevention projects.

And we also carry this out in partnership with fellow third sector, statutory and private sector partners.

We all have to play our part, we can all make a difference but we can and we will ensure that social change is driven forward as quickly as we can.

We have lost too many women, children and young people to this scourge on our communities and that eats away at the heart of too many of our families.

Development of a new training platform

Developing new opportunities for volunteers as community activists and trainers

Development of multi media resources to reach a wider audience

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