Our trustees say “You are not alone” 

You are not alone.

An incredible group of international volunteers dedicated their time to ensuring that we are able to get information out about how we can help in so many different languages. You can access them all below – just click on the image to see it full size. To download, right click the image and click “save image as…” or “copy”. (Make sure to do this after clicking to see the image in full, otherwise you will only get thumbnail size image).

So many women and children are isolated with their abuser right now, and may feel that there is nowhere to turn for help. Please share this message in groups and community spaces where those who need it might see – and spread a little hope and support.

The languages in order are: 1) English; 2) Arabic; 3) Spanish; 4) Welsh; 5) Polish; 6) Afrikaans; 7) Thai; 8) French; 9) Czech; 10) Irish; 11) Russian; 12) Hebrew; 13) Danish; 14) Swedish; 15) Italian; 16) French; 17) Farsi; 18) Mandarin; 19) German; 20) Bulgarian; 21) Bengali; 22) Catalan; 23) Belgian French; 24) Turkish.




A message to survivors in 24 languages
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