When things get to breaking point

Let's take a moment to remember that women don't 'need' to wait until things become too dangerous or too much to bear.

Although physical violence is the easiest to see and perhaps for some also the easiest to relate to, women and children can also reach a psychological breaking point from all the other forms of abuse they experience.

There is plenty of research and evidence that shows most women experience violence and/or abuse for a long time before reaching out for help.

Women experiencing domestic violence/abuse may stay silent for many reasons but there are a few that show up over and over again.  The hope that things will change and many perpetrators use a pattern of behaviour that follows up the abuse with remorse and the promise of change.

Once the violence/abuse has been well established they may remain silent primarily out of fear: the abusers' threats to kill, take the children, hurt other family members and pets or threats that they will kill themselves.

It takes enormous courage to reach out for help and it is one of the most dangerous times for women and their families.

That's why our aim is to respond quickly and appropriately every time we are contacted in person, by phone, via a third party (usually the Police) or sometimes even email.

Our expert and professional staff will deliver risk reductions, safety planning, advocacy, advice and emotional support.

We'll continue working with women through the crisis until things are a little easier to cope with.  This is not the end of her journey but only the beginning and we're working hard to make sure we have services ready to walk with her on that path through recovery and healing.



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