How our services work together

As people, human beings, we are complex and so are the relationships we create.  And that includes the unhealthy/abusive ones.

We've always believed it's critical to work with the whole person not slices of them as defined by their 'problems' or 'issues' or the way an organisation's services are set up.

Cardiff Women's Aid since its inception has worked to raise awareness and understanding and to educate not only our communities but also our clients to set them on the path to recovery and a healthier future.

Delivering advocacy at the point of crisis  especially for our high risk clients is a critical function of our core direct services and that is why all our specialists are trained Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocates.

The third piece of the jigsaw is healing.  Healing individuals, families and through that work also helping to heal our communities from the devastation that is wrought by domestic and sexual violence.




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