Cardiff Women’s Aid has long been an advocate for community activism. It is within the community that change begins, takes hold and makes a difference. We pioneered our Women’s Rights Education and Advocacy project in 2010 to kick-start change, not from above, but from within communities.

It is in this vein that we continue, and are proud to begin our partnership with Welsh Women’s Aid in delivering the Change That Lasts: Ask Me Community Ambassador program.

The Ask Me Ambassador scheme aims to create spaces within local communities and businesses where women experiencing domestic abuse can safely tell someone about it and seek help. The scheme trains ambassadors who can work in their communities to break the silence, start conversations and take disclosures of abuse.

Over the course of two days, ambassadors learn about the myths and realities of violence against women, and how to respond and sign-post appropriately if victims come forward. They are encouraged to raise awareness and begin conversations about violence against women, whether that is in person, online, or through putting out leaflets and posters. Ambassadors are also equipped with tools to challenge harmful perceptions and sexist myths in a constructive way.

Since #MeToo exploded, we have seen an increasing momentum for social change and justice for women whose rights have been violated. By taking part in Change That Lasts, we participate in this rising tide of energy to buoy up our community activists to break the mold, and to support them in creating change in their personal and professional lives.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ask Me Ambassador, the next training dates are 26th January and 2nd February. Register your interest now, and help us to make change that lasts.


Ask Me – Change That Lasts
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