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Cardiff Women's Aid has deep roots in Cardiff and has served its communities for over 45 years.

Despite our long history of service one of the greatest things about our organisation is that we have changed and evolved as our community, as society, has changed and evolved.

What that means most importantly is that we are always looking to deliver our services, and develop new ones, in ways that will meet the needs of women,children and young people right now.

We are not afraid to try something new as we are always looking to improve our services. That's why we get involved with research projects at Universities.  This also means that the interventions we use are based in strong evidence.

And we truly believe our services are amongst the most cutting edge in the UK and beyond.

Cardiff Women's Aid is committed to delivering fully joined-up services, and that is why we work hard to continue to develop our wide portfolio of resources.

Our mission and vision is what ultimately guides all that we do and as such we are are dedicating a section on our website for you to explore that more here.


Teamwork Concept with stones

Let's clear up one myth or misconception before we go any further.  Women who are being abused are not weak, submissive victims.

It takes a huge amount of strength for a woman to live with an abusive partner particularly when she is trying to protect her children and often the rest of the family.

Women have to be strong and resourceful, adopting all kinds of coping strategies every single day.

This is the strength that women can use to rebuild their lives and reclaim who they are and who they want to be.

Cardiff Women's Aid recognises the enormous courage it takes to reach out for help and that's why we are here and ready to help in the best way we can.

We are also here to empower her to rebuild her life.


Our Values and Principles

A lot of organisations talk about their values or guiding principles but for all of us at Cardiff Women's Aid they are not just something we have written down to be kept on a shelf they are part of our very DNA as an organisation.


We consistently strive to honest, genuine and accountable.  Underpinning our organisation is a strong work ethic, grounded in a steadfast adherence to respectful and ethical practice.


We believe we are stronger when we act together forging and enabling connections among individuals to build a community dedicated to our vision and mission. We also believe in working with and being of service to the many communities with whom we work.


We will never forget the power created when individuals work and act together, this is when social change can occur.  We value working respectfully with others toward common goals. We believe we are stronger together and that unified action is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.


We believe that expansive, imaginative thinking and action generate powerful and innovative solutions. We value the time, space and freedom that allow creativity to bloom.


We challenge ourselves individually and organisationally to look past constraints—striving to be our best through consciously taking risks. In the spirit of innovation, we commit to pushing the boundaries of not just what is doable, but what is possible.


We believe that mindfulness supports not only greater healing but also greater opportunities for personal growth and happiness.  As an organisation we use this practice to identify which ideas and aspirations are important and which assumptions limit our growth.


Ask Me – Change That Lasts

By Venice Fielding | 07/12/2018

Cardiff Women’s Aid has long been an advocate for community activism. It is within the community that change begins, takes hold and makes a difference. We pioneered our Women’s Rights Education and Advocacy project in 2010 to kick-start change, not

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We are delivering Cardiff's specialist Violence Against Women, Domestic & Sexual Violence/Abuse services.  CWA is the lead agency and is in partnership with BAWSO and Llamau to deliver an end to end, crisis to recovery, change that lasts service.

Using a trauma informed model we are wrapping the right packages of support, advocacy and accommodation (when needed) around our service users.  

From crisis to recovery its still one number to access all our services 24/7 

029 2046 0566

Cardiff Women's Aid is a proud member of Welsh Women's Aid

Welsh Women’s Aid (WWA) was founded in 1978 to campaign and lobby for improvements in public policy and government legislation in relation to women and children experiencing domestic abuse in Wales.

WWA is the national umbrella organisation representing local Women's Aid Groups situated throughout Wales. Our member groups provide direct services for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.

We also hold the WWA national accreditation for specialist services

Cardiff Women's Aid holds the Leading Lights accreditation

SafeLives Leading Lights status is the mark of quality for domestic abuse services and is increasingly being recognised by commissioners and funders across the UK.

The Leading Lights accreditation programme offers services, partner agencies and commissioners a set of standards for supporting victims of domestic abuse.


We are proud to be part of the NO MORE campaign and we're currently forming a Wales wide coalition to take it forward


NO MORE is designed to unify everyone working to combat these issues in an unprecedented way – whether their focus is women and girls, men and boys, teenagers, children, minorities, rural or urban communities as well as corporate leaders from a variety of business sectors – behind one, powerful brand created to transform awareness and action.




Keep up to date on the dedicated website https://www.cymrusaysnomore.org.uk/

Women's Voices

When my back was against the wall and I had no idea what to do I rang Cardiff Women's Aid.

I honestly think that without their help and advice I would not have made it. 

JCCWA - logo - PNG-1

It happend quickly and this time I knew I had to get the kids out but I had nowhere to go that he wouldn't find me.

A phone call later and I was safe, at least for now, the kids go get some sleep without it all kicking off.

CWA is still helping me to put my life back together and they are always here for me when I need them.

TaidiogelTRANSP Suzie


It's slow you know.  The way it all creeps up on you. You wake up everyday knowing whatever you try to do it still might not be good enough.

I had no life and I wasn't me.  I wasn't anyone and he told me that every day.  I saw something on the TV and suddenly thought there might be a way out.

When I found the Women's Centre it was like I was in shock.  But they helped me get back to being me again.  They helped me save me but I couldn't have done it without them.



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