Domestic Violence
It is everywhere around us, often hidden from our eyes.
The Women's Centre
We support women experiencing domestic violence.
Safe AS
Our support services for kids and teens.
Tai Diogel
Safe houses for those who seek emergency shelter when experiencing domestic violence.

The Women's Centre

Cardiff Women’s Centre is the only one stop shop in Cardiff for Women and Children experiencing domestic abuse. The Women’s Centre offers a complete support around risk and safety for women.

Safe AS

Safe AS is the Children and Young People’s team at Cardiff Women’s Aid. We work with children and young people, regardless of gender, race, sexuality or culture, who have experienced, have been effected by or witnessed Domestic violence and abuse.

Tai Diogel

Tai Diogel is the collective name for our refuge services. We provide safe and comfortable accommodation for those made homeless through Domestic Abuse.

Call: 029 2046 0566

We are here for you 24/7.

For anyone who has been supported by us or is currently receiving support:

In Cardiff we view domestic abuse extremely seriously.  By taking part in this short survey you will be providing information that will inform service provision and enable us to consider the most effective ways to raise awareness of domestic abuse support available in your local area.

Please be assured that your responses are anonymous and no personal...

90% of children living in abusive households are either in the same room or the next room when abuse occurs

Children who live in a household where domestic abuse occurs are 1500% more likely to be abused themselves. The definition of ‘harm’ under the Children Act 1989 includes impairment caused by seeing or hearing the abuse of another person. Therefore, children who live within an abusive household are categorised as victims of child abuse, as witnessing...


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